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    info@austargroup.com 400-9977-366
    Austar has been helping families choose the most appropriate overseas educational institution for their children since 1997. We have expertise in educational systems in numerous countries across sectors such as English language schools, government and private schools, technical and further education (TAFE), colleges, university preparation and universities.

    We maintain relationships with leading educational institutions and have up to date knowledge of the entry requirements, course standings and graduation requirements for a wide variety of courses.

    We have special expertise in matching the needs of younger students with primary and high schools. As a leader in this field we have hosted the AEAS-Austar exhibition for private schools in Shanghai for the past 11 years.
    ★ WHAT WE DO ★
    Communication help between school and students' family
    Provide help in terms of communication, transfer information and documents etc.
    Information counseling
    Provide overseas schools background, general in- formation, course detail, country information etc.
    Pre-departure training
    Arrange pre-departure training every month. We try to let them know how they can survive in different country.
    Assess students’ eligibility regarding entry re- quirement (English and academic) as well as visa requirement.
    Travel arrangement
    Arrange international and destination countries domestic (if necessary) air tickets for students.
    Help in enrollment
    Help students fill in application form and commu- nicate with school regarding students' application.
    Visa application
    Help students fill in the student visa application and communicate with Immigration regarding students' application.
    Staff visiting
    Our staff visit overseas schools every year. We will try to visit our students at the same time.
    Students' Parents' visit
    After students commence their study, we can arrange for their parents to visit them.
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